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January 11, 2019 | Author: life2essence | Category: Sacrifice, Consciousness, Astrology, Philosophical Science, Science
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Barbara Marciniak (Transcript)

December 27, 2010 Barbara Marciniak: The Pleiadians

 January 2008

Regina Meredith: Many CMN viewers have requested that we interview Barbara Marciniak, who has not been doing videos or presentations for more than a decade; thus, this is a rare event to see her. For For those who are not familiar with her work, she’s an author of  several books that contain wisdom given to Barbara by a group of beings she identifies a s the Pleiadians. We spoke spoke with her about a vast array of subjects, from Love to the truth about beauty, sexuality, and much more.

Regina Meredith: I said to you, off camera before we began here, that we need to start looking at How To— To— Guides for people, because people are waking up and smelling that, Something is really not right around here.

Barbara Marciniak: That’s good. They are breaking the trance—they are breaking the paradigm trance. .

Regina Meredith: They are breaking the trance, but. . .

Barbara Marciniak: And, whether they know it, or not, it is those feelings inside, now, that are designed to take them to the next level.

Regina Meredith: The question is, now that we know that something is wrong, and we are waking up, and we’ve broken the trance, where the heck do we go? And, you have incredible information on many levels. A lot of it is very elegant and to the point, and it’s, Duh, why didn’t I think of that. And, others, it’s much more esoteric. There is knowledge of a lot going on around this planet that is going to be revealed. So, let’s start where ever you would like to start with the story, in terms of how we begin preparing ourselves, say, for the next three years? What’s going to be revealed? How we prepare ourselves? And, what’s in our own best interests in terms of how we treat ourselves?

Barbara Marciniak: I think most important, and this is what the Pleiadians have taught me over the years—of course, the Pleiadians are the entities, or energies, that I Channel—we have to really make peace with our Self, our physical form, and the consciousness that occupies that physical form. So, bottom line, they always say, “Number 1. In order to go forward, you have to love yourself. And, that’s not easy to do.

Regina Meredith: It’s the hardest thing on this planet.

Barbara Marciniak: Yes. Yet, that’s the first basic thing they say, “To get the car out of the garage.”

Regina Meredith: Yeah.

Barbara Marciniak: Instead of just sittin’ in the garage, driving this car, going nowhere. So, basically, the exercise they have always suggested is, you look in the mirror, you know, and you have a real heart-to-heart with yourself, eye to eye in the mirror. And, you start telling yourself, I love you. I love you. I love you. And then, you start to see what comes up. And, a lot of times people will want to break eye contact with the mirror; they’ll look down and. . . . So, that’s the process. What veils and blocks do we have that prevent us from saying, I love you, to ourselves?

Regina Meredith: I bet a lot of people break into tears.

Barbara Marciniak: Of course, because again, as I was saying last night in my talk, once the tears start coming up they are a form of recognition. And, those tears are symptomatic of all the barriers that we have put there that help us forget, or that we choose to forget. Once we start, then, having the tears, we melt those barriers; we melt those memories and we start to see that that’s our first  job, to love ourselves—not to look for love 2 outside of ourselves, but to love ourselves, and then, to be love-generating machines, you know, beings, energies, bio-body suites—whatever. That’s where it begins. Then, from there, it starts opening. After that, you make an agreement to trust yourself; you make an agreement that your body is sacred; that your body can do anything; and that we are really programming ourselves all the time. And, if we are not programming ourselves, then the media and society is doing that for us.

Regina Meredith: Let’s talk about that. You don’t have Health Insurance; I heard that in one of your lectures.

Barbara Marciniak: I’ve never had it. I don’t go to doctors.

Regina Meredith: You’ve never had it; you don’t believe in it; you don’t go to the hospital—well, except when you had to help your Mama go over.

Barbara Marciniak: Yes, and that was really because she was in pain, and that. . .

Regina Meredith: That’s right.

Barbara Marciniak: And, that it was her belief, sort of. And, I said, well, — even though for years I said, “Mama, we’re not going to do doctors. We can either wait in line and pay a lot of money, or we can to treatments. Once I turned her on to treatments, she loved treatment. And, treatments are really going to someone and having them facilitate your energy, cleaning your body, having body work, whether it is chiropractic, massage, or really getting down to what’s very, very important in these times, is cleaning internally through—some people want to do fasting—but, you know, Colon cleanses, Liver cleanses, Colonics. All these things remove all the sludge and gunk that we are

holding on to. So, in my opinion that is another thing that is real important to help facilitate energy.

Regina Meredith: For yourself, you are going unprotected—no HMO’s on your side. So, what do you do for yourself, just as an example to inspire people—to take care of yourself.

Barbara Marciniak: I have good thoughts, number one. I accept responsibility for everything I create, even though sometimes that is really, really hard. And, like, I would start the day with a glass of  water. Then, after that, I would have a glass of Sole, which is a combination of Himalayan Sea Salt and water. It’s sort of a saline solution, with a high concentration of minerals. So, that would alkaline my body. And, then next, after a little while, would come Green Drink—invigorating, powdered usually, Green Drink. And, then, after that I might have fruit. And, then, I would eat pretty much in moderation, but not really strict. And, I always bless my food, meaning that I might put my hands together [as in prayer] and do a Yummm over it, you know. But, what that’s really doing is I’m thanking everything that is coming into my body, and I asking everything I take into my body to meet my vibration, or to take me higher. So, there is a consciousness with eating that I think most people don’t have. I do eat relatively healthy; I’m a gardener; I grow herbs; I grow some of my veggies; I’m a good cook. I think it’s really, really important to prepare your own food, and to love preparing your food, because we’re putting energy into it. And, then, to enjoy what we’re eating, and to make it a feast and a festive thing, even. And I eat alone lots of times. My Mom came to live with me. She was amazed that I always put like a cloth napkin out, which I think is important, you know. . .

Regina Meredith: Yes! You feel like my sister. This is. . .

Barbara Marciniak: Then, I always light a candle, and I make it pretty. And, she is always amazed that I would eat like this by myself, you know. And, I said, “Well, Mom, why should I wait to go out to be treated like this? This is part of the ritual of living. It’s like, you know, my house is like that, too. It’s like a ritual of living. I keep it in order; I make beauty. Beauty opens our senses, and it makes us more psychic. I was saying to someone recently that that is the true meaning of Art, to make beauty, and then to have that beauty really stimulate our senses, so that we then move beyond the reality we’re in, and we can sense our connectedness to other realities. Because, reality is multi-dimensional. 3

Regina Meredith: Indeed, and this whole thing about beauty—your P-friends, the Pleiadians, have also talked about the essential nature of beauty in our lives. Can you comment on some; just kind of add some layers to that? What also has come through you on the subject of beauty?

Barbara Marciniak: Let me think about that a minute.

Regina Meredith: Whether it is Geometry, symmetry. You know, one thing I am curious about is the notion of the Golden Ratio, because that comes from our heart beat all the way out to everything as symmetry and beauty.

Barbara Marciniak: Oh! Well, that would be the Golden Mean—the Golden Ratio would be sort of a built-in living library formula that establishes a ratio and a basis from which reality can be built. One of the interesting things the Pleiadians said about an old building, that was made with beauty, and built with the Golden Mean, was that they didn’t just factor in this ratio, they also factored in the effect of sunlight on buildings. And, how when buildings were constructed, say such as the Acropolis,

or something like that, how sunlight would—where it would touch it, and how it would be in relationship to the Sun, would also create a sustainability. And, that if we built. . .

Regina Meredith: A sustainability for. . .

Barbara Marciniak: That the product would last longer.

Regina Meredith: Oh, the product would last longer.

Barbara Marciniak: The product, itself, so that whatever you were building with—if you used wood, or stone, or whatever, particularly stone, that by the effect of sunlight on that stone, using the Golden Mean Ratio to start with, it would then last much, much longer in time, because all of these elements of beauty and multi- verse would be factored in. So, today, we’re really blind mice building stuff, and it’s all money; it’s all just thrown up, and there’s no aesthetics.

Regina Meredith: We’re living in modules, I know.

Barbara Marciniak: And, on some level, people don’t demand it because, I think, we’re being entertained to death.

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: There is so much to choose from, and none of it has much quality, or substance to it. That’s symptomatic, I think, of people. . .people having lost meaning. Society does not honor people who want to contradict what’s going on, rightly so, because the media controls everything,  just about.

Regina Meredith: Has been hijacked, completely.

Barbara Marciniak: Yes, completely. And, none of it’s really the truth. So, there is this sort of  desperation in people’s souls; they don’t know what to do, and they’ve given up. They have lost their own Vavoom, you know, to be individuals. But, that’s turning; that’s changing. Because, I think people have reached the bottom of emptiness, now, especially this last year. It’s like, How much more trivial could it get? There is a big turn around happening. But, no one can expect anyone to do it for them. One of the things the Pleiadians taught me is that no one is going to save you; no one is going to come through the dimensions, or walk through the door. The government is not going to fix it for us.

Regina Meredith: You mean they are not landing on the White House lawn for us?

Barbara Marciniak: They are not saving anybody. We have to raise our consciousness; we have to get up and do it ourselves. The Pleiadians have often said that, you know, we’re very lazy. And, they also have said that 4 we are highly unpredictable, too. And, that’s what they love about us. No telling when the herd is going to turn, because we can just suddenly respond to something very intuitively. So, what people have to do is they have to accept responsibility—our thoughts, our feelings, our imaginations—this is how reality is created, and we are all doing it, all the time. The energies of  these times are sort of unplugging us from the old paradigm. And, whether we choose to unplug ourselves, or whether society starts having greater and greater difficulties on an economic level, that certainly will unplug people from the paradigm on one level, because they will have to become more autonomous, more clever, you know, more innovative in how they deal with the world, in how they re-use their resources, and recycle, and become clever, as I say.

Regina Meredith: Go back to their source.

Barbara Marciniak: Yeah, I mean, I grew up in a very clever family—everything was used. We were innovative and we had a purpose. I grew up in the 50’s, so, we’ve kind of lost that, especially as we loose our elders, they are leaving—our parents and grandparent—and, they are taking great wisdom with them, real practical wisdom.

Regina Meredith: Well, it’s up to our generation, now. We are the elders.

Barbara Marciniak: Right, right. And, you know, those of us born in the 40’s and 50’s were Pluto and Leo, and so we really like to play. We really are like big players. And, our parents and grandparents were more—had to be more practical. The energy of today is bringing us back to practicality. I think that is the name of the game in the next few years, is that everything has to simplify, become more practical and those things will take people into the higher mind.

Regina Meredith: And, one of the things you were talking about last night—in fact, I think at this point in the lecture you were actually channeling at that time—they were talking about all of the elements, and you mentioned on in your own personal life, and that is reconnection with the Earth; reconnection with the sunlight as grounding; not only grounding, but also allowing us to begin going back into a state of wholeness, and opening our abilities, right?

Barbara Marciniak: Right. I mean, I’ve always been someone who enjoys the Sun, and I‘ve never said, Oh, I’m going to ruin my skin, or get Skin Cancer, or something like that. That’s a belief; those are beliefs.

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: And, if you believe in those beliefs, then you end up spending a heck of a lot of  money in the system that is looking for you to spend a lot of money–that they can’t fix you, but they want your money. So, there has been a big campaigne, in my opinion, to turn people against the Sun.

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: Absolutely, no doubt about it.

Regina Meredith: I was hoping you would talk about that.

Barbara Marciniak: And, yet, it is our source of light; it is our source of health; it is also our source of  energy and information. Because, it is not just warming us and allowing food to grow, and the whole Earth to blossom. It’s also transmissions of information. I think that is what the ancients knew. There are stories, you know, in history that talk about people who wanted to have covert activities, they would always do it at night. And, they wouldn’t do it in the light of day because the Sun would then know, and the Sun would transmit that information. So, we came up with that expression, Doing things in the dark, and keeping it secret. So, there is a lot of truth in sort of just casual expressions and casual things that we know. And, this is the time to bring all that into focus and realize these things are really, really important.

Regina Meredith: Yeah. 5

Barbara Marciniak: So, I think a way to health is to spend a number—20 minutes, a couple of hours in the Sun every day, glancing at the Sun, acknowledging the Sun, realizing that those rays not only provide Vitamin D, and sustain our body and blood and bones, but they are giving us information; information travels on light rays. It is so important, and it is a two-way thing. We can communicate with the Sun, and just express our feelings, or whatever. But, it is not like worshiping God, or anything like that. I think that my concepts of Creator and Source, and all that—they are so large that I can’t define it into a God, so to speak; especially, a male God.

Regina Meredith: Right.

Barbara Marciniak: Because, there is always the Female component, and that’s really another thing that is vastly missing from our planet, is that women are awakening; unfortunately, so many women think that they have to awaken into this feminism that turns them into men. And, they lose their beauty, and they loose the whole idea of producing beauty and embodying life, and protecting life. When I think part of a woman’s role is to really take on that Goddess energy. . .

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: . . . to embody it, and to value life, and to use the intuition and to really make a stance in society about establishing beauty and fa irness, and that all life is honored. And, that’s what is coming back.

Regina Meredith: It is coming back, and also with great resistance. Here you have ever-expanding technology, very male-oriented in its expression and also in its design. Yet, it affects all of us, because now we’re all becoming dependent on those technologies. And, now we’re cut away from the Sun even more. How do you see that technological interface as the feminine really needs to show itself.

Barbara Marciniak: From myself, I stopped watching T.V. almost 35 years ago, in the early 70’s, and it was a choice; it was a choice. Because, I felt back then, even, that television was doing something to my mind. That’s why I stopped. I said I’m not going to waste my time watching these things.

Regina Meredith: Good for you.

Barbara Marciniak: So, I do very minimal technology. I don’t use my dishwasher; I don’t use a microwave, even though they came with the house. They just sit there, unused. You know, I’m really low-tech. I use the computer for very few things. I have to do some of my work on it; I do a newsletter; I write books; setting up events, and so forth, through email. But, it is not something I look to, to jump into every day. Because, to me, I can’t wait to go outside. You know, I live in a beautiful place. I purposely picked a place enough to manage, enough to enjoy and garden, and have campers in my back yard, and sweat lodges, and parties on my deck. That’s how I socialize. I really take people and myself out in Nature. So, it really comes down to a choice.

Regina Meredith: It does. Nonetheless, if you look at the really large scale, you’re talking about children, in particular, being totally indoctrinated into the use of technology. I was noticing even, you go to a movie, now, in a theater, and you have—unlike even a few months ago, certainly a year ago —you have your ad to join up with Uncle Sam. First of all, there is your recruitment ad, followed by a let’s buy this really violent, nasty video game for Christmas, or for the Holiday Season, Hanukah, for your children. It’s followed up with the very thing that’s going to program them.

Barbara Marciniak: Well, these are all programmings, and the important thing about any visual art, o.k., anything that we start choosing to turn on and watch for entertainment, our brainwaves change; they immediately drop from a conscious state into a very unconscious state. And, people do that because they don’t know how to relax anymore. No one is talking about anything meaningful, so t hey don’t know how to like discourse, or just have f un without deep inebriation, or something like that. So, it really comes down to people really getting consciously aware, making a choice. You know, the pictures that are put before us are like living dreams, and they are forms of program. And, so those pictures 6 go in our brains, and then we think that’s reality. Especially when it is children. The Nervous System of a child is not mature enough to handle the rapidity of the data that is coming through. And, I think the speed- up of games, and violence, and how fast everything goes, and how little it is—even though it is entertaining—what’s happening is, it is shutting down the perception. So, that when you see people looking at some little device, and the picture is this big [hand-held]—I have a bunch of Nephews, and when they were really little, I’d walk into the living room, and instead of  them yelling and screaming, like sometimes they would be, having a great old time, which would drive people crazy, but they were playing, they would be quiet, totally quiet. And, I’d say, “What are you guys doing?” And, they are all in a trance, with a little thing, this big. I guess they are called Game Boys. I never had kids, so I don’t know. And, they are pushing these little buttons, looking at these little pictures, totally in a trance.

Regina Meredith: They are entranced, totally, totally!

Barbara Marciniak: Yeah. Because their brainwaves shift. And, they really have to shift to go down— to force your perceptions, which are Out Here [naturally], to go down to this little thing and stay there for hours, and push these little things. What it is really doing is they can’t see anything, anymore. Then they come out, and they are hyperactive because too much data has come in too fast, and their nervous systems are not developed to handle that. Until children reach—there are these cycles, every seven years is a Saturn cycle. So, until children are seven, they really need no

media, at all. None at all. Absolutely none.

Regina Meredith: To play with the fairies in the trees, yeah.

Barbara Marciniak: They need to be shown that Nature is safe, that you don’t have to worry about spiders and ticks and all these things. They’ve been around forever. But, when people set up a worry, they say, Well, they could get this, and they could fall off the bike, so they need a helmet and, the ticks could come so we have to. . .

Regina Meredith: And, the anti-bacterial wipes! (chuckle)

Barbara Marciniak: Yes. This, again, is people creating their own reality. They say, well this reality exists. I’ll put y energy behind it, and I ’ll protect my kid. And, then you attract the very situations that you want to repel, because you are energizing them emotionally, with fear. So, you can attract by excitement, and conscious intention, or you can attract by unconscious—you know, being programmed—and then, having the high emotionality of fear, or worry.

Regina Meredith: Right.

Barbara Marciniak: Which then, closes the body down, weakens the immune system, and then you end up in this cycle of self-perpetuating going nowhere.

Regina Meredith: Going nowhere. And, now you have to enter into relationships with other Human Beings, who are equally damaged. What have our relationships devolved to, in your opinion? And, what do you see us evolving back into, or beyond?

Barbara Marciniak: Well, if you think about the model that I shared about the acceleration of energy, that in these years from 1987 to 2012, everything goes faster, and f aster, and faster. Phase one goes ten-fold each year, that’s ’87 to ’96. ’97, then to 2006, 100-fold. Then, from 2007 to 2012, according to the Pleiadians, and the way they describe this, everything speeds up 100,000-fold.

Regina Meredith: Oh, my God! 100,000-fold.

Barbara Marciniak: Yep. Pedal-to-the-medal, it goes. So, what happens is that everyone wants to cram everything all in at once. So, when it comes to relationships on a spiritual karmic timeline level, we’re meeting all of the people faster, quicker, and we have to do all of this meaningful stuff with them. So, people are being bombarded with all these meaningful relationships that are coming through time. And, they may not consciously remember where they knew someone from, but there is a familiarity and a sense of I’ve got to 7 complete this; I’ve got to do this. And, this is what the Internet is facilitating with sites like My Space, and Face Book, which I’ve never been on any of these, but I hear about them. What’s happening is that people are putting all this data out about themselves and trivializing everything because they want to connect, but they don’t know how to connect because they have been taught that a computer is going to connect them. But a computer

can’t replace meaningful face-to-face relationships where you are looking into someone’s eyes; where you feel their energy field; where you can respond to implication and tone and body language, and so of course it’s going to be empty. As people go further into relating to each other based only on computers, then we really destroying society; we’re destroying the whole purpose of coming on to the Earth, which is basically, I fe el, to come into relationship.

Regina Meredith: And, yet, hopefully as a progression from there, you see technology start taking a dive here in the next few years, and that’s going to change our potential.

Barbara Marciniak: Oh, absolutely! And, I do study Astrology as sort of a reality check. You know, I mentioned last night that the Pleiadians suggested that I study Astrology after I first started Channeling. And, also they said to get Rolfed, you know to get my body lined up. And, they also said to use a crystal. So, I did study Astrology, and I have for 20 years, now. But, I just use it as a tool, because sometimes the Pleiadians would say things, and I’d think, Oh, I don’t know. This sounds so far-fetched. But, after I started studying Astrology I could see where the cosmic weather was going, and I could see where these cycles were leading us by studying history of when these things have happened before, and then based on my intuition and what people are showing me now. So, we are going to turn all this around, because if we don’t—and, let me say this, not everyone will turn this around—there will be those who will proceed into this technological future. And, it’s not going to be pretty, because they will end up destroying the body. The body can’t handle the energy.

Regina Meredith: Can you talk about the Astrological indications—the basis for this that you’ve seen and been shown?

Barbara Marciniak: Well, the planet Uranus is in Pieces right now. That always brings innovation. Last night I mentioned that Uranus and Pluto were in conjunct in the 60’s in the sign of Virgo, and that brought this great revolution out, which played out in all kinds of ways, but basically, we had a generational break, very quickly. And, of course, there were lots of other elements involved attempting to control the astrological weather, or steer the masses, rather than letting the masses organically respond to this energy. But, it was a break-away energy; it was revolution. Well, we’re in a much bigger, bigger phase of revolution now. The cycles are much larger; because everything is faster, and faster it is not going to take a revolutionary cycle to unfold over 20 years after a stimulation point. It can unfold in weeks and days. We are right sitting at that cusp, now. It’s a big, big change.

Regina Meredith: How does this effect technology, as you were mentioning it?

Barbara Marciniak: I think that the point that got stimulated in the 60’s is going to be re-stimulated in 2010. So, that means that, you know, all of us who were around in the 60’s protesting, expanding our minds, breaking open the head really exploring what we were, now it is going to re-stimulate all of  us, because it has an aspect that says, OK, now you have to really do something with that. So, worldwide revolution is coming; there is no doubt about it.

Regina Meredith: You see it in the U.S. political. . .

Barbara Marciniak: I see it all over the world; I see it all over the world. I see political collapse,

eventually, all over the world. And, as they Pleiadians would say, it’s all by agreement. It will be chaos; there is no doubt about it. But in order to build something new, something new to come out, something has to crumble. And, sometimes it is literal crumbling; sometimes it’s simply things stop working. And, you can see we’re in this, everything’s not working. Why is it not working? Because people are so corrupt. Everyone is so corrupt. And, it’s a choice we all have to face. 8

Regina Meredith: True.

Barbara Marciniak: We all get this. It’s like the world will say, Well, if you do this, you know, you can get this. And, we look at it and we say, Wow! OK, it looks like a way to get ahead. And, then, eventually they say well, I helped you do this, this, and this. So, now I want this favor back. And, then, you say, Well, I don’t want to do that. And, then, they say, well, ok, you know. And, then you get set up. I’ve never had this happen to me, but I can see how it works. People set people up for Blackmail and corruption, which is really, really. . .

Regina Meredith: Which is common in Congress.

Barbara Marciniak: It’s common all over the world, which is very, very sad.

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: So, then we have this level of corruption world-wide, that’s basically caught up in Blackmail schemes. Those Blackmail schemes always go back to two issues: money and sex. And, the misuse of money and the misuse of sex. They are always f irst and second Chakra issues: How will I survive? What am I going to do for my sexuality? So, that’s something that really has to change, is that people value their sexuality.

Regina Meredith: Right. So, the rise of Porn is not a good thing for the human psyche, you a re saying?

Barbara Marciniak: No. It is horrible, because what happens is that this rise in Porn is a replacement for real relationships. And, I read something very interesting, that along with the rise in Porn, in men anyway, there is also an equal rise in sexual dysfunction—Erectile Dysfunction.

Regina Meredith: Yes.

Barbara Marciniak: So, the more men are looking for sexual stimulation outside themselves, the less they are able to have fulfilling relationships.

Regina Meredith: But, this works for the drug companies.

Barbara Marciniak: Well, the drug companies, yes. $35 billion. $35 billion is the recent figure, and they expect it to go to $50 billion by 2010. What this is saying on a real symbolic level is that something is happening with people, and they don’t know what it is. So, they go to a doctor. And, the doctor, I mean he is just a factory worker. I mean no offense, but, we’re all just factory workers. You come out of college, you come out of school, and I don’t care how many degrees you have, or how much you paid for it, you’re just a factory worker fulfilling someone else’s agenda to make money and to keep people locked into something on the surfaces that have no heart. So, these people come in and the doctors aren’t psychic; they are not trained to be psychic. They don’t have time; they don’t care what’s really going on. They don’t look into the Soul. So, it’s all these drugs. They get on drugs, and then they don’t know what’s going on, and they vacate their body, and then this is where we get into Entity Possession. Drugs can lead to entity possession, and pornography can lead to entity possession. Because what happens when you lower your vibration and your values sexually, then you have sex based on these sorts of activities—what I call f rothy sex? (28:14), ok, without love and without real significance and it goes way down from there. . .

Regina Meredith: Right.

Barbara Marciniak: You open yourself wide for other entities to come in. They want human bodies to engage in these perverse activities, and they are harmful, and they are demeaning. And, the important thing that people must really understand is that sex is psychic energy. It is powerful psychic energy. Used at a very high level, two people can usually generate so much sexual energy and psychic energy that they can Remote Heal during sex; they can heal the world, and change things. This is sort of a lost art. We sort of hide it 9 under Tantra and all these other things, and we think it’s all these exercises in magic. It really has to do with two people’s intention.

Regina Meredith: And trust, and heart.

Barbara Marciniak: Yeah. And eye contact, because so much gets shared through the eyes. So, on some level, Pornography is coming up because it has to be cleansed. It is an old ancient issue–the debasement of the human body, using children, animals, controlling people this way. This is so old. So, as we’re changing the paradigm, everything that is not working, that is really dark and nasty has got to come up to be identified. This whole idea of, Well, we’re going to get ascended and lift our consciousness in love and light, and we don’t have to know about all this stuff. I’ve taught very difficult things over the years; I’ve taken a lot of flack for it. People over the years have said, Wow! Barbara Marciniak, she’s getting really dark. And, “Is she with the Devil?”

 These people are in denial, that if you don’t use light words and things of all beauty and upliftment, people are afraid, and yet, if we don’t go there and address it, it can never be healed. It’s like, think about Leprosy—how horrible it historically. People didn’t want to go there; they didn’t want to look at it. It wasn’t until Father Damien, or Malachi, who made home for the Lepers, where people could look at them and address it, and began healing it. So, we have to look at what’s not working, even if  people think they are enjoying it, because the problem of possession is going to get worse and worse.

Regina Meredith: It’s popping up all over the place, anyway.

Barbara Marciniak: And, one of the reasons is this. There are beings on the planet—human—I mean, they have a human body. I don’t know how human they are, but they operate with a human form.

And, they understand something of the magical arts, and these arts can be used for good, or ill. And, they use them for ill. When you perform acts of intention at times of power, then you can affect—you can condition states. Anything that is done on the Solstices, the Equinoxes, the Cross-quarters, which are the half way points between the Solstices and the Equinoxes and the New Moons and the Full Moons, any kind of ceremony or activity that is done at that time can really condition the whole Earth, especially if somebody really knows what they are doing, and they want to dedicate a certain activity, such as 9-11, for example. That stage of 9-11, this mass ritual sacrifice of people, and let’s broadcast it, and tell everyone that it is this. And then what happens is that on some level we think, Oh my God! I mean, I didn’t. I knew in my intuition right away, as soon as it happened I knew what it was. I knew it was a staged event to sell fear. But, more than that, I knew, what the Pleiadians said, that it was an attempt by global elite, using media, to get everybody’s attention into one probable reality. And, in that probable reality, then, they dedicated—like they dedicated 9-11, or Waco, or Oklahoma City, or any of these events, any of the wars, any of the skirmishes would be dedicated by some beings, some humans, to non-physical forces. They would say, Here, we are offering you this life form. And, you say, Well, why is that important? One of the things I’ve learned is that beings from other dimensions are very attracted to what’s natural. We flow very naturally in and out, and they are attracted to our life force and our vibration. And, this is where, historically, virgins would be chosen for sacrifice. They chose virgins and young children because they had very pure energy. And, when a body would be sacrificed, and blood would be offered, entities would just come pouring in because it’s food for them. So, we have to counteract that. Part of my work has been to teach people to honor those times when the energies between Heaven and Earth are in cosmic flow. I mean it can really flow, like Niagara Falls. It’s our job to give thanks and pray and set the season ahead by our intention. And, that’s the way we have to counter-act this. So, it’s all sort of playing with the same materials, it’s just comes down to intentionality.

Regina Meredith: And creating a new sense of values—real values.

Barbara Marciniak: Yeah. And, I think people learn about values by example, and by role models, and when they see that someone has the courage to say, “The Emperor has no clothes,” they may want to say it, too. We’re going to be doing a lot of that—a lot. Astrologically, there are going to be a lot of  things that we’re going to have to integrate. And, people will, because we’ve placed our belief and trust in something—people, 10 situations, institutions, that don’t honor that trust, and yet, pretend they do. And, so this becomes a shock to people, because we are trusting beings—we are really pretty good at heart, most of us. And, so, we project, Oh, I would never do this, so nobody else would ever do this. And, that’s part of the credibility of these global elite. They all study psychology; they understand Behavioral Modification; they understand Spirit; they know the whole scoop. They are occult practitioners, and they know the history of the planet, they know the cycles, so they manipulate us. So, the real question we have to ask ourselves is, if we create our own reality, individually and say, in mass—mass agreement, why did we. . .

Regina Meredith: . . . agree to this?

Barbara Marciniak: Yes. Why did we agree to this?

Regina Meredith: Good question!

Barbara Marciniak: It’s not like, Let’s go after these people, and can’t we hold new Nuremberg Trials, and get all indignant about what they are doing? No. You can waste your time doing that. But, what’s the bigger picture here? Why have we, as a race of Human Beings, created this tyranny on our

planet? And, why is it that it is so pervasive that people are afraid to even see it, or they don’t think they have the power to overcome it? So, those are some really pressing questions—really pressing issues.

Regina Meredith: And, we’re going to be addressing all of them in the coming years.

Barbara Marciniak: And, you’ll see more people coming out; you will see people who know how to manage this energy. I’ve been doing my work officially for 20 years, with the Pleiadians. So, what I see from doing my work for the last 20 years, is that people who are willing to learn, and willing to change their beliefs, and willing to face up to, Wow! I really created this; and what can I do? What’s the point of it to get, and how can I move on. These people are getting really strong; they are getting really smart—totally intuitive. Most of the time they can’t be fleeced, anymore. Where before, they would say, Oh, look at this. Isn’t this person great! They were so naïve. And, now, I just laugh, because I’ve been very successful in being able to open up in those who wanted it, this freedom of  thinking, this freedom of perception. It’s very quiet. I don’t collect names; there are no dues; there are no lists of anybody, but they are everywhere. They are all over the world.

Regina Meredith: So, you feel hopeful.

Barbara Marciniak: I feel very hopeful, and I feel that there are difficult times. I don’t want to come off as. . .

Regina Meredith: We can feel it.

Barbara Marciniak: I mean really, really difficult. However, there are so many brilliant people on the planet, and they are waking up every day. The process is, indeed, going to be magnificent! Because, I can feel what’s happened to me in my own life, and how I’ve turned difficulty into victory, and initiation into empowerment. That’s really what it’s all about. And, as the Pleiadians would say, You know, you are really here to enjoy the body, create an experience, love—that’s what we all come from, is love. And, we come to contribute to the creativity of our perceptions, and we add to the creativity of the multi-verse. And, we are really here to heal. This is what this time is about—healing ourselves, healing our ancestors. And, by healing, and eradicating this unnecessary fear, I feel personally, that it qualifies us to meet other beings. But, until—any initiation filled with fear—and, you can’t get to the other side, to those higher frequencies, until you move through your fear. And, no one else can do it for us. Each person has to do it for themselves. So, moving through fear, and deciding that we are courageous and we a re creators, and we can process it and go forward, that’s taking us to the higher level. It is definitely going to be a fabulous time to be alive!

Regina Meredith: Thank you so much!

Barbara Marciniak: You’re welcome.

Regina Meredith: For more of Barbara’s work, just click on the link below to see all of her book titles, and you can click through to purchase them. Meanwhile, she also does lectures and workshops, and you can check those through entering her website. Until next time, thanks for watching CMN.

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